Thursday, March 11, 2010

Transactional Ads

vADz is in stealth mode, but the commercial Beta will be available in 2 weeks. vADz is a unique Transactional Ad / VideoAd technology tool for Advertisers and Couponers.

vADz enables the Advertiser to economically mix and edit user-generated video and stills with vendor-provided professional video and stills and then to add trackable Coupons, Maps, Music and textual crawls.The Advertiser's vADz is then tagged for SEO, published to the web and the Advertiser is given a vADzLink to his vADz to attach to his Text Messages, Tweets, e-mails, Facebook pages and his own website, to further distribution of the Coupon.

The net result is a seamless engagement with the Customer: the Advertiser can actively demonstrate his products and services, rather than simply display them; the Advertiser then makes the "pitch" and invites the use of the vADzCoupon; the Customer can choose to print the Coupon and use it in the store....or use vADz embedded "Buy-It-Now" technology, powered by PayPal.

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